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Book List
  • Engineering Techniques of Ring Spinning

    Engineering Techniques of Ring Spinning states that Ring Spinning is an age old technology prevailing in the process of fibers to yarn conversion.

    Dr. (Mrs.) Tasnim N. Shaikh & Prof. Someshwar S. Bhattacharya
    Price:    Rs.2595
    9789380308050 (Available)
  • Modern Approach to Maintenance in Spinning

    Modern Approach to Maintenance in Spinning is a simple guide to the knowledge required to fulfill the role of a maintenance manager in a textile mill.

    Neeraj Niijjhawan & Rasshmi Niijjhawan
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789380308029 (Available)
  • ERP for Textiles and Apparel Industry

    ERP for Textiles and Apparel Industry is aimed to develop a broad range of knowledge in the area of ERP implementation and usage for textile and apparel vertical.

    R. Surjit, R. Rathinamoorthy and K. J. Vishnu Vardhini
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789385059025 (Available)
  • Management of Technology Systems in Garment Industry

    Management of Technology Systems in Garment Industry provides ergonomic principles of times, machines, production space, materials and organisation, within contemporary demands of the international fashion industry.

    Gordana Colovic
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789380308074 (Available)
  • Textile Dyes

    Textile Dyes has its each chapter simplified into the major classes of dyes. The author has dealt with the history, manufacturing, properties, identification, stripping, testing and application of dyes.

    N. N. Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2795
    9789385059049 (Available)
  • Role of Yarn Tension in Weaving

    Role of Yarn Tension in Weaving deals exclusively with the various aspects of tension of both the warp and weft yarns during weaving and its preparatory processes.

    Samir Kumar Neogi
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789380308258 (Available)
  • A Practical Guide to Textile Testing

    A Practical Guide to Textile Testing is about the physical and chemical test procedures used in testing of textiles at different stages namely, fibre, yarn, fabric and garment. It serves as a guide for young learners of textile discipline.

    K. Amutha
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789385059070 (Available)
  • Performance of Home Textiles

    This book provides an overview of the types of fibres used in home textiles and key issues related to product development, industry standards, regulatory aspects and evaluation systems.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789380308098 (Available)
  • Science in Clothing Comfort

    Science in clothing comfort deals with the basic scientific concepts behind the various aspects of clothing comfort, like concepts of physics neurosciences ,

    Dr. R.Alagirusamy, Dr. Apurba Das
    Price:    Rs.1695
    9788190800150 (Available)
  • Quality Characterisation of Apparel

    Quality Characterisation of Apparel covers characterisation of performance, durability, and colour fastness of apparels along with mandatory regulations on flammability, fibre composition and care labels.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9788190800136 (Available)
  • Pollution Control in Textile Industry

    This edition of book discusses: enzymatic treatment of wastewater containing dyestuffs, degradation of toxic dyes, biological methods of removal of dyes from textile effluents, etc.

    S.C. Bhatia, Edited by: Sarvesh Devraj
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789385059223 (Available)
  • Home Furnishing

    This book focuses on the Home Textiles markets and its products such as furnishings, floor coverings, carpets, curtains, draperies, bed linens, kitchen linens,hospital linens, towels, etc.

    Dr. V. Ramesh Babu, S. Sundaresan
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789385059285 (Available)
  • Product Safety and Restricted Substances in Apparel

    Knowledge of the restricted substances helps the industry navigate often complex product safety and chemical management requirements in order to address consumer preferences in the apparel supply chain.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789380308289 (Available)
  • Non-woven – Process, Structure, Properties and Applications

    Non-Woven - Process, Structure, properties and applications outlines the concept and principle of entire nonwoven manufacturing process starting from raw material selection, web formation techniques, web bonding methods and finishing.

    Karthik T., Prabhakaran C., and Rathinamoorthy R.
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789385059124 (Available)
  • Work Quality Management in the Textile Industry

    The book discusses various aspects responsible for improving or maintaining the work quality those result in sustained product quality, improved productions, and reduced cost of manufacturing.

    B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789380308401 (Available)
  • Fibre Structure

    Fibre Structure states that each and every fibre from their manufacturing (man-made fibres) or during development (natural fibres) creates and develops its own and specialized structure.

    Siba Prasad Mishra
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059131 (Available)
  • Science of Compression Bandage

    Each Chapter of the book provides its clinical significance which would help in elucidating the clinical outcomes of a particular compression product and achieving maximum compression efficacy as novel wound care management.

    B. Kumar, A. Das and R. Alagirusamy
    Price:    Rs.1695
    9789380308418 (Available)
  • Ergonomics in the Garment Industry

    Ergonomics in the Garment Industry discusses the importance of ergonomics in the garment industry, with a detailed scientific analysis and examples from the garment industry.

    Gordana Colovic
    Price:    Rs.2195
    9789380308371 (Available)
  • Handbook on Fabric Manufacturing

    Handbook on Fabric Manufacture deals mainly with the activities involved in manufacturing of grey fabrics, inspection of both grey and finished fabrics, presentation of samples for market

    B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.3695
    9789385059162 (Available)
  • Statistics for Textile Engineers

    Statistics for Textile Engineers discusses various statistical methods and techniques which are useful for the study and analysis of textile data.

    J. R. Nagla
    Price:    Rs.2995
  • Sarees of India

    Sarees of India states that Woman is the most beautiful creation of God and Indian women are considered as the most beautiful in the world.

    Dr N. N. Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2795
    9789385059148 (Available)
  • Advances in Silk Research

    The primary objective of writing this book is to create an awareness of the researches in the area and stimulate the readers to explore more about the fibre.

    N. Gokarneshan
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789385059216 (Available)
  • Texturising

    The book covers different methods of texturising, normal defects in texturised yarns, their causes, effects, remedies and Prevention through implementation of Quality Management systems.

    Dr. H.V. Sreenivasamurthy & B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059278 (Available)
  • Industrial Engineering in Apparel Production

    Industrial Engineering in Apparel Production reviews the techniques for internal correction that needs to be built into the mind of the faculty owners and managers and also down the line.

    V. Ramesh Babu
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789380308173 (Available)
  • Apparel Merchandising

    This book discusses about the different job responsibilities of the merchandiser at the varied stages of order execution from the buyer contact to dispatch.

    Dr. R. Rathinamoorthy & R. Surjit
    Price:    Rs.3695
    9789385059322 (Available)
  • Control Systems in Textile Machines

    This book provides basic concepts underlying the electronic controls have been dealt with by the authors in a simple and comprehensive manner considering the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    G. Nagarajan & Dr. G. Ramakrishnan
    Price:    Rs.3695
    9789385059308 (Available)
  • Performance of Home Textiles (2nd Edition)

    The book is aimed at industry professionals, domestic and international retailers, factory owners, buying institutions, and students intended to start their career in home textile sector.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.3195
    9789385059315 (Available)
  • Strategic Management in the Garment Industry

    Strategic management in the garment industry illustrates advances in business strategy in the garment industry for current and future managers, students of textile technology and engineers.

    Gordana Colovic
    Price:    Rs.2195
    9789380308227 (Available)
  • Textile Substrates-- Fibres, Yarn and Fabric

    This book gives a treatise on all the common textile substrates - Natural and Synthetic fibres, yarn and fabric. It includes the chemical structure, manufacturing methods, fundamental properties, physical and chemical characteristics.

    Mathews Kolanjikombil
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9789385059377 (Available)
  • Agro Textiles and Its Applications

    This book focuses on the Agro Textiles and its Applications. It also gives multidimensional views and solutions to the problems being faced by agro industry.

    Dr. S. Grace Annapoorani
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059360 (Available)
  • Fundamentals of Yarn Winding

    The book discusses various parameters related to build up of winding packages, their influence on package performance and optimization according to end-user requirements.

    Dr. Milind Koranne
    Price:    Rs.1995
    9789380308388 (Available)
  • Textile Dyeing

    It deals in details the various types of fibre dyeing, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing and garment dyeing with process parameters and dyeing cycle of polyester, cotton, acrylic and viscose dyeing.

    Dr. N. N. Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059261 (Available)
  • Bioprocessing of Textiles

    The book mainly deals with the basic fundamentals of enzyme technology and their applications in textile processing of both natural and synthetic fibres for enhancing their functional characteristics.

    Dr. C. Vigneswaran, Dr. M. Ananthasubramanian, Dr. P. Kandhavadivu
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789380308425 (Available)
  • Theory of Structure and Mechanics of Yarns

    The book entitled "Theory of Structure and Mechanics of Yarns" represents a system of theoretically derived inherent laws of a special type of fibrous assembly, known as yarn.

    Prof. Bohuslav Neckar and Dr. Dipayan Das
    Price:    Rs.4695
    9789385059407 (Available)
  • Advanced Woven Fabric Design

    The book deals with the aspects of Advanced Woven Fabric Design dealt in a simple manner with examples to understand and to work out also in the book itself.

    Dr. J. Hayavadana
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059414 (Available)
  • Pretreatment of Textile Substrates

    The present books covers the area of preparation and bleaching of textile fabrics for dyeing and printing of all commonly used fibres in textile industry.

    Mathews Kolanjikombil
    Price:    Rs.3995
    9789385059421 (Available)
  • Implementing ISO 9001:2015

    Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 is written basing on the draft standards with an intention that the readers can start their work proactively and get themselves aligned with the new guidelines.

    B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789380308500 (Available)
  • Fashion Marketing Management

    The aim of this book is to cover the fundamental concepts of fashion marketing management and describes the practical approaches presently followed in the industry with an examples for each and every chapter.

    Dr. V. Ramesh Babu, A. Arunraj
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789385059490 (Available)
  • Textile Mechanisms in Spinning and Weaving Machines

    This book has been written in response to numerous suggestions and great interest of colleagues and students in the textile industry to note the various design aspects in the mechanics of the textile machineries.

    Ganapathy Nagarjan
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789380308456 (Available)
  • Advances in Jute Research

    This book comprehensively reviews significant researches in the area of Jute. For over the years jute fibre had limited areas of application. But researches over the past decade have proved that newer areas of applications are possible.

    Dr. N. Gokarneshan, Prof. M. Maanvizhi, Prof. U. Dhatchayani
    Price:    Rs.3995
    9789385059452 (Available)
  • Textile and Environment

    textiles and environment has been written in accordance to the authors experience while he was working in big corporate companies as general manager of the dye house.

    Dr. N.N. Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2595
    9789380308562 (Available)
  • Green Apparels

    This book provides the concept of developing environment friendly and sustainable clothing for the future.

    Dr. M. Parthiban, Dr. M. R. Srikrishnan, Dr. P. Kandhavadivu
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789385059513 (Available)
  • Apparel Machinery and Equipments

    Apparel Machinery and Equipments is aimed to develop a broad range of knowledge in the area of apparel machinery.The various types of machines used in the different departments of apparel industry are explained.

    Mr. R. Rathinamoorthy & Mr. R. Surjit
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789380308593 (Available)
  • Quality Characterisation of Apparel (2nd Ed.)

    Quality Characterisation of Apparel covers characterisation of performance, durability, and colour fastness of apparels along with mandatory regulations on flammability, fibre composition and care labels.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789388320108 (Available)
  • Process Control and Yarn Quality in Spinning

    Process control and yarn quality spinning outlines the concept of raw materials selection, control of various process parameters in the preparatory processes like blow room

    Dr. G. Thilagavathi & Dr. T. Karthik
    Price:    Rs.3895
    9789380308357 (Available)
  • Dyeing of Textile Substrates I -- Cotton

    This book deals on cotton dyeing which is the most common substrate in textile industry. This book gives a short treatise on all the dyes used in textile industry and detailed theory and classification of all the dyes used in cotton dyeing.

    Mathews Kolanjikombil
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9789385059469 (Available)
  • Handbook on Cotton Spinning Industry

    Handbook on Cotton Spinning Industry tries to educate the people on the purpose, functions, activities and the care to be taken at different processes of a cotton spinning mill.

    B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789385059018 (Available)
  • Design and Structure of Textile Fabrics

    The present book is written by the author in a comprehensive way with all of his experience. Different aspects of fabric structure and textile design are dealt here. This will be useful for all who dealt with textile design.

    Dr. Siba Prasad Mishra
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9789388320122 (Available)
  • Introduction to Textile Fibres (Revised Edition)

    Introduction to Textile Fibres provided necessary information for the beginners. In many textile institutions it was widely referred by the students and staff for teaching diploma and degree courses.

    H. V. Sreenivasa Moorthy
    Price:    Rs.2595
    9789385059094 (Available)
  • Production Parameters

    This book on "Production Parameters" covers a good understanding of various parameters/ factors involved in the analysis of production/manufacturing. Several examples are explained considering each parameter separately.

    Dr. Sanjay Sharma
    Price:    Rs.2995
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