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Our Latest Books
  • Textbook of Environmental Biotechnology

    This book summarizes environmental biotechnology, environment and ecology, environmental pollution, microbial metabolism, etc

    Er. Pramod Kumar, Er. Vipin Kumar, Pravin Kumar Sachan
    Price:    Rs.550
    9789385059384 (Available)
  • Textbook of Renewable Energy

    This book summarises various aspects of renewable energy and is divided into 16 chapters. This edition discusses renewable energy, solar radiation and its measurement, solar thermal energy conversion system, etc

    S.C. Bhatia and R. K. Gupta
    Price:    Rs.650
    9788193644607 (Available)
  • Performance of Home Textiles (2nd Edition)

    The book is aimed at industry professionals, domestic and international retailers, factory owners, buying institutions, and students intended to start their career in home textile sector.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.3195
    9789385059315 (Available)
  • Agro Textiles and Its Applications

    This book focuses on the Agro Textiles and its Applications. It also gives multidimensional views and solutions to the problems being faced by agro industry.

    Dr. S. Grace Annapoorani
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059360 (Available)
  • Control Systems in Textile Machines

    This book provides basic concepts underlying the electronic controls have been dealt with by the authors in a simple and comprehensive manner considering the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    G. Nagarajan & Dr. G. Ramakrishnan
    Price:    Rs.3695
    9789385059308 (Available)
  • Textile Substrates-- Fibres, Yarn and Fabric

    This book gives a treatise on all the common textile substrates - Natural and Synthetic fibres, yarn and fabric. It includes the chemical structure, manufacturing methods, fundamental properties, physical and chemical characteristics.

    Matthews Kolanjikombil
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9789385059377 (Available)
  • Apparel Merchandising

    This book discusses about the different job responsibilities of the merchandiser at the varied stages of order execution from the buyer contact to dispatch.

    Dr. R. Rathinamoorthy & R. Surjit
    Price:    Rs.3695
    9789385059322 (Available)
  • Plant Biotechnology

    This book summarises various aspects of Plant Biotechnology and is divided into 27 chapters. This edition discusses plant cell culture and development, plant tissue culture, micropropagation, etc

    Ms. Hiru Ranabhatt, Ms. Renu Kapor
    Price:    Rs.3995
    9789385059339 (Available)
  • Industrial Energy Conservation (2 Volumes)

    This book discusses energy efficiency technologies related to boiler, steam distribution and waste heat recovery, energy conservation in chemical process and allied industries, etc.

    S.C. Bhatia & Puneet Mangla
    Price:    Rs.6995
    9789385059254 (Available)
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