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Our Latest Books
  • Handbook of Textile and Apparel Costing

    Handbook of Textile and Apparel costing is a compendium with respect to costing activities in the textile and apparel sector

    Dr. R. Rathinamoorthy Dr R. Surjit Dr. K.J. Vishnu
    Price:    Rs.5495
    9788196148911 (Available)
  • Textile Printing

    Textile Printing is the process of applying colour to fabric in definite patterns or designs. Textile Printing was known in Europe, via the Islamic world, from about the 12th century and widely used all over the world.

    Dr N N Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2695
    9788195761845 (Available)
  • A Guide to Flame Resistant Textile Materials

    The book named Bio macromolecule for making Fire retardant textile materials has been written for the researchers and for the end users of the textile and paper like products.

    Dr. Santanu Basak
    Price:    Rs.1495
    9788195761883 (Available)
  • Computer Aided Drug Development

    Computer Aided Drug Development This book critically discusses the optimization technology and their applications for drug design in pharmaceutical research and development and also computers in market analysis

    Dr Suryakanta Swain Dr Sandip Prasad Tiwari Dr Rabinarayan Pa
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9788195404841 (Available)
  • Textile Management A Guide for Technicians

    I have realised that a technologist or engineer cannot do justice to his/her duties as a complete manager without a thorough understanding of the commercial and financial aspects of the business

    Arvind Kumar Upadhyay
    Price:    Rs.4995
    9788195761821 (Available)
  • Sustainable Textile Chemical Processing

    Sustainability in every aspect of our life is presently a Global buzzword, and textile chemical processing is not an exception to it.

    Edited by Dr. Javed N. Sheikh, Dr. M.D.Teli
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9788195404858 (Available)
  • Ethics and human values in engineering practices

    Ethics and Human Values in Engineering Practices, emphasis on basic human values and engineering ethics which deal with understanding the moral values that ought to guide the engineering profession, resolve the moral issues in the profession.

    Dr.Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.2195
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